What is Medical Scribing?

A Medical Scribing Specialist is a personal assistant to the physician, performing among many tasks, electronic health record keeping responsibilities for the physicians during patient encounters.

This includes gathering information for the patient’s visit, performing documentation directly into the EHR in real-time, querying and using the EHR to manage the patient’s progress.

An MS partners with the physician to ensure the best patient care.

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Highlights of the job

  • Work only five days a week.
  • Working hours are only around 8 hours per day.
  • Work as Doctor’s right-hand person for real time documentation.
  • Work independently, directly for Doctors.
  • No Metrics-based pressure.
  • Lucrative starting salary of Rs.38,000/Month.
  • Amazing and predictive career growth opportunities.
  • Exposure to International Healthcare system.

How to apply

CPMS® is a 9 month 3 Level industry integrated job oriented training program.

Students who successfully complete CPMS by New Generation Jobs shall be provided placement as Doctor Ready MS (probationary period), and there on, after successful completion of their probationary period, as Doctor Approved Medical Scribing Specialist with a minimum starting salary of Rs.38,000/- per month. In the event of failing to provide the placement within 30 days of successful completion of the program, New Generation Jobs Pvt. Ltd shall refund, 100% of the tuition fee to the student.