Applicants are encouraged to Apply Online at

Aspirants are advised to click on the link
'Member Institutes' on the home page to identify the
institute that suits them best.


The classes offered by New Generation Jobs are conducted in various member institutions across India and the list of partnering institutions and their official ratings are available in our website

Irrespective of the official ratings, every student of CPMS are eligible for the 100% Placement Guarantee promised by New Generation Jobs Private Limited.

Scholarships are available for discerning applicants at some member institutes.

Very important points to be noted by the applicants

  • 01Once your application payment is received by New Generation Jobs, you will receive an email which contains a Temporary Registration Number (TRN).
  • 02Kindly keep this number till you receive the Admission Offer letter by email.
  • 03The temporary registration number ending with the letters 'TRN' is essential to process your admission and further acceptance of registration fee.
  • 04The registration fee is non refundable, unless the institute you selected for fails to admit you or run the classes as per New Generation Jobs terms and conditions.
  • 05Every payment that follows the application fee shall be paid by the student at the member institute he/she has enrolled in.
  • 06Upon successful payment of the registration fee, the students shall receive their Unique Student Identification Number (USID) which also will be their Login Username at

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