Is Medical Scribing a BPO Job?

Definitely not. You are in frontline, partnering with the doctor. You create medico legal documents and review medical codes as well in real-time. In short, MS’ are an integral part of the new American Healthcare System.

What Is The Minimum Salary Provided For An MS By The Recruiting Partner Of New Generation Jobs?

It is INR 38,000/- per month

Is Medical Scribing same as Medical Transcription?

NO. In fact, it has got nothing to do with   medical transcription. The comparison chart below will explain to you it in brief.

Medical Specialist
Physician’s right-hand person for real-time documentation
Create medical reports
Real-time. Exciting
Interact with physician & EHR
Involves medical coding
Work independently, directly for physician
Five days in a week
Monotonous back-office process
Verbatim transcription
Varied turn around times
No direct interaction
No coding work
Metrics-based pressure
Six days a in week